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Learn more about the Honduras Outreach Inc we will cover by visiting their website

Multimedia Storytelling Workshop

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our mission:

Equip Storytellers with multimedia skills increasing their effectiveness

Gear Needed

To do great work, you need tools. While blood, sweat and tears have built empires, multimedia requires cameras and audio gear.

Come with us to the remote area of Agalta Valley in Central Honduras. We will be staying at Rancho el Paraiso, a 1,400-acre working ranch. You can learn to milk a cow if you like and watch the herd of cattle being taken out to the fields each day and brought in to be milked.

When Honduras Outreach was started 25 years ago they bought the ranch and created dorms and a cafeteria to house the volunteers who come year-round to do projects in the valley. Their 60 local Honduran staff members work year-round with communities in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, education, faith-building, and commerce. 

Honduras Outreach has had the president of Honduras visit not only the ranch but comes to the US to give them an award for such outstanding work.

Enjoy your days taking pictures in the beautiful Agalta Valley and showing your work to world-traveling seasoned professional photographers [Gary Chapman and Stanley Leary] for feedback each day. 

We will also be teaching how to capture a story for a nonprofit. We will give you tips that you can use in your future travels. 

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